SEC has developed expertise in the design and implementation of innovative services and collaborative delivery models. We are available to help other organizations, governments, or sector associations who wish to undertake transformational initiatives.

SEC has been called upon to lead and support the development of collaborative service models and design innovative approaches to unmet service needs. Since the early 90s, we have been commissioned by other organizations, and regional, provincial, and federal governments to support organizations to develop organizational capacity, expand multicultural awareness and service delivery as well as being a lead forerunner in the development and launch of local and regional service hubs and matrix management models. SEC has hosted future search conferences that support community residents in planning and implementing local community change projects. We also supported and mentored smaller developing organizations to operational stability. SEC has been called upon to undertake key research that has led to new or adjusted service strategies for the Central LHIN, the Ministry of Skills Development and Training, Seniors, and Newcomer service organizations.