Public Service Government Investment

We sincerely thank our past and present investors. Without their continued support and the necessary resources, we would not be able to serve our communities effectively.

Private Donors and Sponsors Charitable Investment

We would like to thank the generosity of those who have supported our Holiday Hamper Drive in 2021.  Each year around the Holiday season, we support families in our communities with gifts and necessities to make the holidays a little merrier.  Over the last 5 years we supported approximately 1000 individuals thanks to our sponsors.

Miller Paving
E.E.S. Financial Services
Anna Calcagno
Katelyn Forgione
Cristian Reggio
Rose Forgione
Steve Elford
Dean Elford
Kiersten Elford
Scott Elford
Fraser Elford
Amanda Greco
Reid & Jaimie Hartley
Angela Smith
Hanna Grant
Leslie Wiseman
Erin Farrell
Paula Alcock-Deak
Richard Blais
Maria Belcastro
Janet Howes
Ida Evans
Karen Liu Chen Kiow
Julianne Panagiotoglou
Bonnie Munslow
Lesley Takhar
Jane Katergos
Heather Milosh
Mary Bar
Sue Dalgleish
Sheryl Foxwell
Suzanne Henderson
Irene Wright
Anne Dreger
David DeAbreu
Mardi Schildroth
Douglas G Higgs
Ladan Hekmat
Jane Treacy
Stephen Osborne
Dale Murphy
Diane Mason
Jeff Gibson
Scott Gibson
Laurel Wade
Brenda Griffin
Mikayla Sinclair
James Rayner
Elizabeth Galloway
Charles Chan
Jamie Holbrook
Derek Caldwell
Diane Gibson
Kristen Gibson
Michael Malta
Gianna Nalli
Reinaldo Hamlin
Nalan Rumeo
Andrea Cicchillo
Maria Odisho
Jaimie Foncea
Caroline Fonseca
Victoria Fernandes
Vanessa Candido
Samantha Candido
Xhoana Liti
Steve Zambrano
Matt Miller
Bonnie Grys
Victoria Masucci
Joseph Masucci
Christopher Masucci
Jessica Gibson
Carol Hammond
Emily Khorsandi
Emily DiCio
Lo Zio Holdings Inc.
Cathy Long
Marc-Anthony Conforti
Alexis Thomas
Martina V Sommer
Ben Abbinante
Desi Kaplanova
Nick Ferraro
Grace Porco
Amanda Romeo Gallo
Alicia Romeo Gallo
Alessandra Palombo
Rose Simone
Anthony Cuccione
Saverio DiMondo
Italia Arci
Colleen Donnelly
Franco Abbaglivo
Marisa Veri
Victor & Carmela Simone
Tina Alberelli
Claudia Chavez
Tim McLinden
Kathryn Kinsman
Hafez Mani
Jianhui Yang
Inna Veprinska
David Palazzese
David Palazzese
St Andrews United Church Congregation
York Region Police Services Officers
Miller Group
York Region Separate School Board
Town of Newmarket Employees
St Monica’s CES
Hartly Custom Construction
York Region Police Services – Officers and Staff

Community and Organizational Grants