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If you wish to know what people are saying about us....

Welcome Centre Daycare -

"Our children take a great deal of pleasure in the warm and inviting atmosphere created by the staff. They enjoy all the well-planned activities and the room that has been nicely decorated; not to mention the friendships you hel foster. It's all been an incredible experience for our children.
It is with gratitude that we thank you for the staff's professionalism, warmth and caring spirits!"

Supervised Access Services -

"We have been using the York Region Supervised Access Program and I can truly say that I am very pleased with the staff and the environment that they provide. I often think what would have happened if this support wasn't available. I can't imagine what I would have done without this safe environment for my daughter. I am very thankful that I have had the support of the York Region Supervised Access Program. The staff are professional and communicate with you at any time if you have any questions. The staff are constantly aware of what is going on to ensure that their visit is productive and a place to help build a relationship. I know that my daughter enjoys her visits with her father and feels the comfort as well. Suzanne and her team have really done a great job and you can rest assure they truly have your child's best interest at heart. Thank you for everything".

Ontario Early Years Centre, York Region -

"My first experience at the Ontario Early Years Centre in Vaughan was when I went to support a pregnant friend of mine who was a part of the ABC prenatal program. I was immediately in awe of how the centre was supporting this group of mothers among them single moms, teenage moms, and mothers new to Canada. I was also pregnant with my first child at the time and benefited greatly from the excellent information I received while accompanying my friend to the program.

After my son was born I continued to access the Centre as part of the new parents group. This group provided me with opportunities to network with other parents and a variety of early childhood experts. As a first time mother this level of support and access to quality information on parenting and child development issues was invaluable. The Centre also provided ample opportunities for my son to interact with other children in a positive way. As an only child these experiences were an important part of his development. When I had my second son, two years later, I continued to access the Centre. I was able to ensure that my older son could still to benefit from the variety of early learning opportunities provided at the Centre while engaging my new son age appropriate activities.

The Centre has played a key role in my older son's readiness to enter Junior Kindergarten this fall. He is comfortable socializing with other children in an early learning setting. He has benefited greatly from the large variety of learning experiences that the Centre has provided him. The well planned learning centres have provided him with early math, science, and reading skills. The circle time experiences have also helped him to enhance these skills. The range of activities goes well above and beyond anything a parent could do on their own at home. I am confident that the skills my son acquired as a result of attending programs at the Early Years Centre will give him an advantage in JK.

The Ontario Early Years Centre has been a place for me to access reliable information for my family, and an important early childhood education experience for my children. I will continue to access the Centre in my neighbourhood until my children are six years of age as there is no other community resource like it for children of this age group".

Boys & Girls Club of York Region -

"Several of the children's reading skills have soared with the increased focus on one to one homework assistance".

Boys & Girls Club of York Region -

"Ever since my child joined the Boys and Girls Club After School Program she has changed a lot".

St. Clare Child Care Centre -

"The warm, caring environment at St. Clare Childcare has fostered a positive experience for my child. Their hands on learning approach has made a difference in my child's education and emotional well-being. St. Clare Childcare has been great for ensuring a smooth and easy transition for both my child and I, from Preschool to Kindergarten".

Supervised Access Services -

"Firstly , I would offer encouragement , due largely to SEC , to any parents (both sides) who find themselves in these difficult times and are wanting to see their children.

Secondly, without SEC , my son (10 months old at start of program, using SEC for approx 9 months) would NEVER have had a balanced loving/understanding/nuturing time with his Dad and Mom needed at these times , especially for the children.

At the beginning , it is easy to understand the reluctance to trust a Third Party organization, as these are all new unknown people .

Questions naturally arise in your mind (ie. are they writing notes that fairly/accurately portray events > answer is 100 % yes....indeed I asked for copies of all notes and made a book for my son so he can re-read our awesome fun and loving times during this temporary "hiccup" in our lives).

I still send photos to Suzanne and Becky of my son and I playing, after SEC.

The SEC , from my experience, does NOT takes sides .


Quite frankly , it was refreshing, as their ONLY existence/focus seemed to be one target: facilitate CHILDREN to see their parent in a safe and happy environment.

Remember, it is very likely you would never have an opportunity to even see your child if it were not for SEC .

Words do not adequately express my Gratitude to SEC , especially Suzanne Mardon and her team , for helping to keep my son and I together .

Important to recognize the "rules" the center has in place are well formulated and are always aimed at the Children's best interest .

This important organization deserved recognition and praise far beyond the contents of this letter".

Our Lady of Fatima Before & After School Program -

"The program provides additional social interactions. The atmosphere although relaxed is still structured with rules for proper conduct. It offers extra activities that are fun and educational and the teachers are friendly, respectful and communicate concerns when necessary. My child's experience, now two years participating in this program has always been positive, he looks forward to starting his day in the this program".

Our Lady of Fatima Before & After School Program -

"It's a very safe and caring environment for my children. The staff are wonderful. My child thoroughly enjoys the arts and crafts activities".

St. Clare Child Care Centre -

"A warm and caring environment which has encouraged social, emotional and academic growth. We have been able to go to work not having to worry about our girls because we know they are in incredible hands. Our girls can't wait to come to your program!