Interpreters and Translators for Business and Government

Bridge Translations™

Who We Are

Bridge Translations™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Social Enterprise Canada Corporation, the profit enterprise of Social Enterprise for Canada. As a value driven organization, SEC manages Bridge Translations™ transparently and fairly, maintaining SEC’s social mission at the forefront of everything we do. The profit generated through Bridge Translations™ is used solely to support mission related activities.

What We Do

We offer affordable, professional multilingual communications for a variety of initiatives, such as:
  • Multilingual and multicultural public relations and advertising
  • Outreach, marketing and communications
  • Access to linguistically appropriate and culturally specific services
At Bridge Translations™, we assist clients in conveying the correct meaning of their written and spoken messages in languages that are commonly used by their target audiences.
Bridge Translations™ can provide clients with translation and interpretation services relating to a multitude of business initiatives, including:
  • Call Centre Applications
  • Workplace training and safety
  • Technical documentation
  • Citizenship and immigration
  • International trade
  • Legal advisement
  • Expansion, mergers and acquisitions
  • Regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Instructional E-Tutorials

Services and Solutions

We offer a full range of services related to interpretation, which deals with spoken or signed language, and translation of written text.
A brief description of our services are listed below.
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Document Translations

Bridge Translations™ can assist you with the translation and  formatting of a full portfolio of materials into over 100 languages.

Interpretation Services

Professional, industry-trained interpreters are available for appointments including Sign language.

Communication Centre

Our Communication Centre provides live-answer reception , as well as appointment based interpretation services in multiple languages. These services are available via telephone and/or video conferencing.

Language Link

A specialized team of interpreters can be commissioned and trained to provide information directly to your customers via the telephone and/or video conferencing.

Message Relay
A means of conveying information and/or asking questions to non-English speaking clients or other target audience.
Bridge Translations™ has the technology and expertise to create user friendly, interactive, multi-lingual communication tools.