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Supervised Access Services
Observation Reports

What they Are

Observation reports provide factual documentation of the summary of the visits between parent and child.

Observation notes are taken during each visit. Comments by either parent to staff may be documented and the interaction between parent and child is included. Any issues experienced during visits, including interventions by staff, are documented in the report.

Request for Reports

Requests for observation reports can be made in writing to the Program Coordinator. Please allow a full five business days for preparation time. Once the reports are ready, you will be asked to make arrangements for their pick-up, or you can request that they be emailed to you.

A copy of the observation report will be provided to both parents or their legal counsel when requested by one of them.

Please note that copies of observation reports are available only to the parents involved in the program or to their legal counsels, and to the courts, the police, the Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL) and the Children’s Aid Society (CAS), should they be requested.

After the file is closed, both parents must provide consent in order for SEC to release observation reports.

Observation Report Fees

The following fees apply and are due prior to receiving the reports:

  • $25.00 per note