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Supervised Access Program

Supervised Access Visits & Exchanges

We provide a safe environment for:

  • Access visits between children and their visiting  parents, of up to two hours.
  • Exchanges of the children from one parent to the other for the purposes of unsupervised access visits.

Our Expectations

Our Expectations of Custodial Parents

Custodial parents are expected to support their children in using the supervised access centre so that they feel comfortable, at ease and experience less stress and anxiety. The parent should reassure their children that it is all right for them to enjoy themselves, have fun playing with toys and participating in activities with their parent during their visits. Access is all about their children; parental support will go a long way in providing a positive experience for their family.

Our Expectations of Visiting Parents

We expect visiting parents to be positive and support their children in using the access service to develop or maintain a meaningful relationship with their children. Advance planning of the type of activity or game to be played with your child will assist in creating a positive visit.

Our Expectations of Children

The expectation is for children to participate in the visit or exchange with their parent.

Our Expectations of Staff

We are committed to providing professional services to you and your family. Staff will intervene if required and ensure children’s safety and wellbeing at all times. Staff will also ensure the safety of all adult participants of the service.

Duration of Visits and Schedule

We can accommodate visits of up to two hours and try to accommodate requests for specific visit times.

The Environment

When structuring visits, our sole focus is on the child’s visit with his/her parent. Providing a safe, secure and comfortable environment for these visits is our first and foremost priority. Parents should therefore not be surprised when they notice that:

  • each family has its own space to enjoy their activities within a group setting
  • arrival and departure times are staggered to avoid contact between custodial and visiting parents
  • doors are locked at all times, requiring our staff to open the door and welcome parents in
  • all bags and parcels are checked by staff
  • audio or video recording devices, digital cameras, cell phones, pagers and other types of electronic devices are not permitted in the visit room
  • site observers monitor visits, take notes and intervene if required
  • visiting parents are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the visit starts and leave 15 minutes after completion of the visit  

The guidelines established by the Ministry of the Attorney General specify that a minimum of 2 staff must be present at all times during visits and recommend a ratio of 1 staff to 2 visiting families.

Safety Measures

To ensure a safe and secure environment for all participants, it is mandatory for the Centre to have available space and necessary resources before approving new clients.

Safety measures include, but are not limited to the following:

  • staggered drop off and pick up hours
  • client arrival and departure supervised by staff and/or volunteers
  • children monitored by staff and/or volunteers at all times during visits 
  • outdoor play area, if available, always enclosed and directly attached to the premises 
  • a close liaison by staff with the local police
  • security checks of volunteers and staff always conducted before employment
  • staff trained in First Aid and CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation)
  • First Aid kits available at all sites