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Visit or Exchange Cancellations

When our Supervised Access Centre has to Cancel a Visit or Exchange

To ensure the health and safety of children, it may be necessary to cancel visits due to severe weather conditions, staff shortages or other emergency situations. These may include extreme cold or hot weather alerts, snow storms, regional power outages, public health, and safety quarantines.

We will inform parents of such cancellations by leaving a message on our voice mail system. To find out about visit cancellations, please call the following numbers:

  • For York Region: 289-470-5309
  • For Peel Region: 289-470-5327
  • For our Reception Team: 1-844-373-4515

Please contact our Program Coordinator to arrange for make-up visits, subject to space availability.

When a Parent Needs to Cancel a Visit or Exchange

From time to time, it may be necessary for either parent to cancel scheduled visits or exchanges. Cancellations may occur as a result of illness affecting either parent and/or children, or vacation taken away from home.

When you need to cancel a visit, please contact our Program Coordinator as soon as possible in advance of the scheduled access so that we may inform the other parent and arrange for make-up visits, subject to space availability.

If your child has a contagious illness, please cancel your scheduled access visit to avoid spreading communicable diseases to other children, families and staff. Again, we ask that you contact our Program Coordinator as soon as possible so that we may inform the visiting parent of the cancellation.

Should one of the parents cancel a visit due to illness, either the child’s or the parent’s, our Program Coordinator may require that the canceling parent supply a medical doctor’s note.

Our staff will document the details of visit cancellations and these notes will become part of the Supervised Access Centre file.

When either parent fails to attend the visit without having previously informed the Centre of the cancellation, our Program Coordinator will document the “No Show” in your file. Three no shows by either parent may result in the suspension or termination of access visits.

Visit Suspensions or Terminations

All parents are expected to be civil and respectful toward their children, other parents and staff.  Our staff will monitor and intervene if necessary.  If inappropriate behavior continues, service may be put on hold or terminated.