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Program Policies

Cancellation, Termination or Suspension Policy

What is SEC's visit cancellation policy?

Custodial parents can cancel a visit if a child is sick or due to the extreme weather conditions. In such situations, the custodial parent is required to provide program staff with reasonable notice. Our Program Coordinators will schedule make-up visits, subject to availability.

If a parent cancels three visits in a row, visits will usually be suspended. However, the Program Director may authorize an exception, given reasonable grounds and legal documents for doing so.

In situations where you or your children suffer from any type of contagious or transmittable infections or communicable diseases, please cancel your scheduled visit to avoid putting the health and safety of other children at risk. Make-up visits will be scheduled, subject to space availability.

What if the custodial parent goes on vacation?

Please inform our Program Coordinator as soon as possible so that we may notify the other parent and schedule make-up visits, subject to space availability.

What if I arrive late for my visit?

It is imperative that all parties arrive at their scheduled time. A $30 late fee will apply for those who arrive late. This fee is to be paid by the party who incurs the fee, regardless of which party is responsible for service fees.

What if a parent is disrespectful towards staff members, other clients, or their children?

All parents are expected to be civil and respectful toward their children, other families and staff. Our staff will monitor and intervene if necessary. If the behavior continues despite warnings, the persons visit may be terminated.

What if the child refuses to leave with a visiting parent for an exchange visit?

If children refuse to leave the centre with a visiting parent for an exchange visit, the centre will not force the child to go. Custodial parents are asked to bring the child for three consecutive visits. The custodial parent and staff will encourage the child to attend the visit. Observation notes will document what happened at each visit.