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Program Policies

Scheduling Policy

Can the visiting parent remain on access centre premises even though the court order specifies exchanges?

No. Only those who have court orders for supervised visits can stay inside the access centre. However, if the child refuses to leave with the parent, we may decide to accommodate the request to remain at the access centre, subject to space availability.

What if there is a restraining order against me or the other parent?

When arranging service, we make sure that parents will not have contact at our centres. We have implemented a staggered drop-off and pick-up system to ensure that custodial and visiting parents arrive and leave at different times.

You must make sure that the terms of your bail conditions allow for you and the other parent to be at the access site at the same time although you will have no contact.

Can I bring gifts or toys for my child?

Yes, unless the Court order states otherwise, visiting parents are allowed to bring gifts or toys for their children.

Can I send money, notes, or gifts for my ex-partner with my children?

No. Our service is about the childs relationship with the visiting parent. Our service should not be used as a go between parents. With regards to sending money or child support, please refer to your legal counsel.

Can the custodial parent and the visiting parent meet to help the child during a visit?

No, it is against our program mandate. Our program discourages contact between parents while at the centre. If a child requires assistance our staff is trained to offer support.

Can both parents arrive or depart together from the access centre?

No. Parents must arrive and depart separately. The visiting parent must always arrive 15 minutes before the starting time of a visit and must wait for the custodial parent to bring the child.

The custodial parent must always bring the child to the centre on time. At the end of a supervised visit, the custodial parent must leave immediately with the child. The visiting parent must wait inside the centre for 15 minutes to allow them time to leave the area.

For an exchange visit, the visiting parent must arrive 15 minutes early and the custodial parent must arrive on time. The custodial parent must then leave immediately. The visiting parent and child must wait inside the centre for 15 minutes to allow the custodial parent to leave the area.

At the end of the exchange visit, the visiting parent returns to the centre with the child and remains for 15 min to wait for the custodial parent. Once the child has been returned, the custodial parent must leave immediately with the child.

The visiting parent must wait for 15 minutes to allow the custodial parent and the child to leave the area.

What happens if a parent arrives under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

The visit will be cancelled immediately. The incident will be documented in the observation reports and further service will be reviewed.

What happens if a parent misses visits?

Consistency of visits is very important to children. Parents need to consider the impact on their children when they miss a visit.

Our staff will follow up with the parent who missed a visit to determine the cause and ensure their commitment to their visiting schedule. All communication will be documented.

If three concurrent visits are missed, all future visits will be cancelled. Parents will be notified in writing. Their space will be given to a new client.

What if I need to cancel a visit?

If you must cancel your visit, please contact the Program Coordinator as soon as possible in advance of the visit so that we may inform the other parent and reschedule your visit, subject to space availability.

If the Court order says that the police should enforce the order, will the staff call the police?

No, we are not responsible for enforcing the Court order. The program is designed to facilitate visits and exchanges.