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Program Policies

Pick Up and Drop Off Policy

What if I send somebody else to pick up my child?

Our staff will not release the child to anyone other than the custodial parent or their previously assigned designate.

What if someone else drops off my child?

We ask that you make prior arrangements with the program staff. If alternate arrangements are not made and someone else drops off the child, the parent will be given a written warning and copies will be faxed to lawyers and all parents involved in access.

What will happen if the visiting parent fails to return the child on time at the end of an exchange visit?

Our staff will first call the visiting parent and the two emergency contacts. If still unable to locate the visiting parent thirty minutes after the scheduled drop off time, our staff will contact the police. The file will be reviewed and may be put on hold or terminated.

May I bring parents, family members or friends to a supervised visit?

You may, as long as they are part of the Court order or the custodial parent agrees.

Can I celebrate my child's birthday during a supervised visit and bring guests?

You may certainly celebrate your child's birthday inside the centre and can bring guests or visitors who are included in the court order or have been approved by the custodial parent.

What if the program is closed during long weekends or other holidays?

We offer make-up visits subject to space availability.