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Program Policies

Health and Medical

What if the custodial parent calls in sick or cannot bring the child to a visit?

We ask the custodial parent to inform our office as soon as possible in advance of a scheduled visit so that we may notify the other parent of the cancellation.

What if my child gets sick during a supervised visit?

The staff will contact the custodial parent to cancel the visit and have him/her return to the centre to pick up the child. If the custodial parent is not available and if the child's condition appears to be serious, program staff will seek medical attention.

What if my child needs medication during visits?

If medication is needed during visits, written consent from the custodial parent is required giving permission to the visiting parent to administer medication. Access centre staff is not responsible for administering any medication.

Can the custodial parent stay inside the access centre while visitation is going on?

No, it is not our practice to have the custodial parent remain inside the access centre during the visiting parents visit.

What if my child requires breastfeeding?

Our centres are not equipped with waiting areas making it impossible to accommodate breastfeeding. We ask that you communicate any concerns to our Program Coordinator who will recommend different alternatives, including shorter visits.

Can the custodial parent send somebody with the child to stay during a visit?

No. The custodial parent is not to send guests or family members to be with the child during his or her visit with the visiting parent. However, our centre may determine that in certain cases it would be beneficial for the child to have a neutral third party attend the visit. Both parents will need to agree to the neutral third party. This alternative will typically be discussed during the intake process, if required.

What if my child needs a change of diapers during the visit?

It is the responsibility of the access parent to meet the child's toilet needs. Our program staff will only supervise the process.

Can I smoke inside the access centre?

No. Our access centres are smoke-free zones. You may not smoke inside, nor in or around the access centres' playgrounds.

May I bring lunch or snacks for my children and me?

Yes, visiting parents are allowed to bring food, unless the court orders states otherwise. The parent must take the child's dietary needs into consideration, including any allergies the child may have.

No nuts or nut products are allowed. Do not share food, snacks or drinks with other families or children.

Can we share our food and snacks with other children during my visit?

No. Please do not share your food and snacks with other children, as they may have different dietary requirements or restrictions.