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About SEC's Supervised Access Services

Our Goal

Our goal is to give parents the opportunity to build or rebuild their relationship with their children in welcoming locations where children are safe and removed from parental conflict.

Our Journey

Social Enterprise for Canada has been providing supervised access  services since 1992, when we initially participated in the Supervised Access Program pilot project funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

The Ministry provides ongoing direction, training, support and advice to our centres.

Our Philosophy

Children come first; our duty is to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

  • While our primary goal is to offer a safe and secure meeting place for children and their parents, we also endeavour to offer an environment which is child-focused, accessible and friendly, where everyone feels welcome.
  • We provide the setting that will help children to develop and maintain relationships with both of their parents.
  • We strive to ease tension or stress, and in as much as possible, ensure that children are not subjected to their parents’ conflicts during visits.
  • We maintain an unbiased and objective environment. To this end, staff members treat program participants with respect, remaining impartial, not favouring one parent over the other.
  • We offer an environment where children and their families can feel safe and secure, knowing that safety policies and security measures have been planned and put in place.
  • We accommodate diversity needs and are sensitive to the cultural and ethnic needs of the child’s community. For more information on our interpretation services, please click here.
  • Finally, we adhere to the principles and are on a path to comply with Ontario’s accessibility laws and standards outlined in the Guide to the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ontario Regulation 429/07. Click on www.accesson.ca for more information.