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About SEC's Supervised Access Services

Our Organization

Supervised Access Services of York Region and Peel Region are provided by Social Enterprise for Canada (SEC), a registered community-based not-for-profit charitable organization.

Our Supervised Access Services Teams are comprised of professional employees, trainees, and volunteers.  

Our reception team answers general questions regarding the program, its services, application process, eligibility criteria, and acts as the first point of contact for clients who are not yet registered into the program. They are available Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The Client Services Administrator is responsible for bringing clients into service. This person is responsible for collecting all of the applicable documentation for each file, booking intake interviews, as well as corresponding with clients, lawyers and other third party professionals. 

Site observers oversee visits and/or exchanges, take notes and intervene if required.

Our Program Coordinator acts as the primary contact for parents enrolled in the program, including intake interviews and family orientations. They are responsible for Site Observers, to whom they provide training and coaching.

The Program Director has overall responsibility for all centres in the areas of operations, finance, administration and staff training and development. The Director coordinates with the Ministry of the Attorney General and ensures that our services meet the guidelines and directives of the Ministry.

Advisory Committees are comprised of professionals who work within the community and whose role is to ensure that SEC Supervised Access Centres meet the needs of the community. For more information on the composition of our Advisory Committees, please click here.