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Observation Reports

How can I obtain copies of the observation reports for the court?

Please submit your request in writing to the Program Coordinator and give us three weeks in preparation time.

SEC must be in receipt of the payment before the request is processed.

When one of the parents requests copies of the observation reports, it is our policy to provide the reports to the other parent as well.

Please note that you or your lawyers must make arrangements to pick-up the copies.

Are there any fees required for requesting observation reports?

Observation notes are available for purchase. They are $25.00 each. Subsidy is not available for any notes and/or reports.
Payment must be made prior to receiving the reports. Payments can be made by cash, credit card or interact e-transfer. Please contact the program for more information.

Can I obtain copies of the observation reports after each visit?

We do not normally provide copies for each visit. However, please contact our Program Coordinator to discuss arrangements. Please note that preparation time will be required and fees will be applicable.

Can my friends or family members obtain copies of the observation reports?

No, only the parents that are involved in our program or their legal counsels can obtain copies of the observation reports.

The courts, the police, the Office of the Child's Lawyer and the Children's Aid Society can also receive copies of the observation reports, if requested.

If my file is closed, can I sill request observation reports?

We can accommodate this request only if both parents consent.