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SEC Supervised Access Complaint Process

1.   If a client has an issue they are to inform the involved staff 
      directly that they have a complaint.

2.   If you are not satisfied with the outcome the client may contact
      the Program Coordinator by phone during office hours. The client
      must clearly state that they have a complaint that they would like
      to address.

3.   If you are not satisfied with the outcome you may forward your
      concerns in writing to the Director at
      supervised.access@socialenterprise.ca or by fax at 905-953-8241.

Should you address a concern on site please remember that staff have a limited ability to address your concerns while visitation is occurring. Confidentiality and maintaining a positive environment at our visitation sites are very important for all participants. If staff is unable to address your concern adequately they may direct you to speak with the Program Coordinator.

We will make sure that our response and process are provided in a way that takes into account your communication needs. For example on your request, if you have a hearing impairment we will use TTY or Bell Relay; if you have a visual impairment we will provide large print, electronic or Braille formats.