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Frequently Asked Questions

CAS and OCL Information

Do supervised access programs provide service to children who are in the care of a Children's Aid Society?

No, we only supervise visits and exchanges related to custody and access matters. If the Children's Aid Society (CAS) is actively involved with a family, the Program may or may not be able to take the family into service; it is dependent on the nature of CAS involvement.

Child welfare (protection) cases are governed by the Child and Family Services Act and are typically supervised by the Children's Aid Society (CAS).

What if a Children's Aid Society becomes involved in my case?

We will suspend visits immediately until we receive written confirmation from the involved CAS that they are not involved in the case.

If I suspect child abuse or neglect what should I do?

You can contact the Children's Aids Society (CAS).

What if the Office of the Children's Lawyer (OCL) wants to do an assessment during a supervised visit?

In order for the OCL to observe a visit, they must contact the Program Coordinator to make arrangements in advance.

They must provide our centre with consent forms from both parents and they must sign a confidentiality form prior to their visit.

Our Site Observers must be present during the visit as they are responsible for documenting the observation reports.

If the OCL requests copies of the observation reports, will the reports be provided to all other parents as well?

No, they would be the only agency to receive copies. To obtain copies, the OCL would need to follow the procedures outlined in Observation reports.