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Strategic Consulting Services

What We Do

Our consulting services specifically deal with issues of equity, diversity and access to services. We identify gaps within the community and develop program responses to fill needs, we focus on outcomes. This focus has ensured that sustainability is measured on impact and change and not necessarily on the long-term provision of a service. 

Mentorprise™ and One80 Youth Media™ provide excellent examples of the type of consulting services that we perform.  

Following are other consulting projects on which we have worked over the years:

  • Team Canada: a global marketing initiative providing new immigrant youth with access to global marketing job training. 
  • ITPAT: an exploration of accreditation of internationally trained professionals and trades in York Region.
  • ACCESS: in collaboration with Community Home Assistance for Seniors (CHATS) this project explored the needs of three key language groups in York Region in order to better plan future service deliver, improve organizational management and resource allocation for existing community service agencies.
  • First Resort: a strength based community mobilization action plan for addressing targeted at risk populations in York Region.
  • Georgina Youth Mobilization: focusing on the exisitng recreational opportunities within Georgina, this initiative created a comprehensive service delivery pilot providing support to children aged 0 to 12.   
  • MOE: In its three years of operation, M.O.E. provided over 11,000 clients with job search assistance, through regular visits to malls, libraries and community centres throughout York Region.
  • Youth at Risk: through the management of a bursary disbursement program, SEC collaborated with community agencies to develop information that encouraged asset sharing. 196 programs that were targeted to youth identified as being “at risk” received funding.