A Place for Parents and their Children

Vaughan-King-Aurora Ontario Early Years Centre


Thank you for your interest in the Vaughan-King-Aurora Ontario Early Years Centres, where we provide early learning and parenting programs for families with children birth - 6 years of age.

While you visit our web site, please take a few minutes to look into the full suite of services offered by Social Enterprise for Canada as they may provide you and your family with convenient solutions to your needs.

We would appreciate receiving your opinion on our services, policies and procedures. Send us an e-mail at oeycvka@socialenterprise.ca and tell us what you think - your comments will be treated in confidence.

We gratefully acknowledge the Ministry of Education for their continued support, which allows us to provide these important services to the community.

Programs 2018

Please view our calendars tab for all of the OEYC programs being offered at a location near you!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Program Closures for 2018

Family Day - February 19, 2018