Interpreters and Translators for Business and Government

Bridge Translations™ Services and Solutions

We offer a full range of services related to interpretation, which deals with spoken or signed language, and to translation, which involves written text.


A brief description of our services are listed below.
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Certified Document Translations
Bridge Translations™ can assist you with the translation and formatting of a full portfolio of materials into more than 75 languages.

Interpretation Services
Professional industry trained interpreters, including Sign language, are available for appointments.

Communication Centre
Our Communication Centre provides live answering or pre-booked language services in 15 languages as well as secure video transmission.

Language Link
A specialized team of interpreters can be commissioned and trained to provide information directly to your customers via the telephone and/or video conferencing.

Message Relay
A means of conveying information and/or asking questions to non-English speaking clients or other target audience.

Bridge Translations™ has the technology and expertise to create user friendly, interactive, multi-lingual communication tools.