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Facilitators conduct individualized research that specifically addresses clients’ accreditation goals. This research and its conclusions are then communicated to the client in a confidential one- to- one session accompanied by a customized report. The interview and action plans include:

Pathways to certification:
• Certification for Comparative evaluation
• Certification and Licensing
• Training
• Trades
• Translations
• Portfolio

Pathway to Alternative Related Occupations which include:
Alternative to Licensing Career – an introduction of related career options that do not require certification or licensing, regulated versus non-regulated. Facilitators will research and identify occupations that client is qualified for, or has opportunities to work in. This includes Trades profiling.

Pathway to Skills Upgrading by:
Accreditation Portfolio by way of individual instruction or group workshops

Accreditation is needed when employers look for education as a requirement for employment or when a profession is regulated in Canada. Sometimes a license or certificate is required to practice in Canada.
Sometimes however, accreditation is not needed at all, which is why 100% clarity is required before taking any steps toward accreditation.
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