Harvesting the Power of Corporate Wisdom.


Funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSD), SEC developed a mentoring initiative that linked university students with business people to their mutual benefit, and collected data which led to the successful implementation of the Mentorprise™ initiative.

Through our Mentorprise™ initiative, we developed a culture of occupation-specific mentoring throughout York Region, fostering connections and networks for skilled immigrants, enhancing their access to the labour market.

Our consultants worked closely with participating corporations in York Region, demonstrating that mentoring was an effective employment strategy to provide human resources managers with a useful tool to drive employee development, improve inter-departmental communications and help foster corporate values and culture.  

As part of the process, they interviewed immigrant students, helped them identify their career goals, and developed portfolios that described their academic credentials, training and experience, including competencies acquired in other fields. They taught students how to create their mentorship proposal. They identified organizational gaps, studied personalities and matched students with experienced employees, making sure that each of them understood they had to learn a new skill from the other, filling knowledge gaps, and creating a winning proposition for all involved.

Our consultants offer expert advice in human resources development, organizational development and learning structures.

For more information on Mentorprise™, please contact us at info@socialenterprise.ca